About us

TIA S.r.l., a company that has been operating in the packaging industry with stretching polythene films since 1990, is aiming at dramatically reducing its rejected parts and waste whenever this kind of package is required.

These rejected parts mainly consist of some 600 gram cardboard cores for manual rolls and 1700 gram cardboard cores for automatic rolls on which, then, a polythene film is rolled up.

This is the reason why, in the last years, our company has largely invested in machines that manufacture power-stretch films made of high quality resins which do not include a cardboard core in their packaging.
The result is:

1. An excellent solidity;
2. Hole resistance;
3. Less thickness (save on raw material);
4. Less films needed for rolling up pallets;
5. A save on the packaging costs themselves;
6. A significant save on Conai costs;

The main characteristic of our products is the absence of a cardboard core
which leads, as a result, to the elimination of the cardboard disposal itself and to three main results: economic save, less cardboard waste and protection of the natural environment.
The roll up made with power-stretch films is possible both manual and with winder machines.vinyl wraps
We deliver quickly, as we can manage the orders and the distribution in a fast way.